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What I can offer you


As a sports nutritionist/speaker/writer I offer help in the following areas.


 Sports Nutrition


Do you want to PR your next 5k?

Would you love to gain endurance and strength in time for the club tennis championships?

Do you dream of crossing the finish line at Ironman Lake Placid?

Are you a high school lacrosse player looking to gain a competitive edge?

Whatever your goal may be… NUTRITION is the key!

Changes in overall nutritional intake, meal patterns, and timing of snacks will improve all aspects of your performance.

I will provide you with a personalized meal plan and the tools you need to train and compete at your best.


Here is what you will gain from this:

  • Shopping lists

  • meal and snack ideas

  • Pre-game snacks for best performance

  • Electrolyte and Hydration protocol

  • Recovery plan

This is an overall nutrition plan to keep you healthy, uninjured, strong, and fast.

 Triathlon and Run Coaching


First triathlon? On a quest for a Marathon PR? Is Ironman on your radar? Want to qualify for Nationals?

Whatever your goals are….I can help you get there. I will customize a training plan based on your needs and your schedule so that you achieve your running and/or triathlon dreams. I will make sure its balanced so that you enjoy the ride!

What to expect:

  • Weekly Progressive Training Plan with detailed daily workouts that support your ability and you goals.

  • Injury Prevention Tips

  • Sports Nutrition Guidance for training AND on race day

  • Continuous communication along the way

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced…

Every season there is something new to learn. I’ve been training, racing, and coaching for twenty years and I still learn something about myself that I need to work on. I will work with you to achieve your goals safely and efficiently. We will work together to plan a personalized, science based approach so that you can cross every finish line feeling like a pro!

Whats available when working with me:

  • Body Composition Assessments

  • Virtual Swim Evaluation

  • Sport Specific Strength Plan

  • Race Week and Race Day Plan

  • Detailed Sports Nutrition Guidance

  • Hydration Optimization Protocol

  • Injury Prevention Advice

  • Equipment Advice

  Wellness Writing


If your publication is looking for informative science based nutrition or fitness articles pease contact me for more information.

I am available to write for your organization or publication. I have written content and thought-provoking articles for many major publications. Below are some links to a few articles I have authored:

Live Workshops 


Want your team to gain an advantage over the competition? A Sports Nutrition Intervention is the answer. Jennifer provides young athletes with the tools they need to make effective changes to their sports performance. She is currently booking Sports Nutrition lectures and workshops for high school and collegiate sports teams. These workshops can be off-season/pre-season focused or in season nutrition. Each lecture and workshop is customized to the individual culture of the team.