I met Jenn Giles years ago while training with a friend of hers. I was new to the sport of triathlon and her sport nutrition help couldn’t have come along at a better time. Jenn makes everything make sense! She worked through many of the issues we all go through in our lives. Her guidance was always amazing and I would have never finished an IM without her. I do look forward to working with her again! 


-John, Masters Triathlete and Ironman 



I am a 59 year old endurance athlete who has been competing in triathlon for 7 years.  I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Jennifer Giles as my coach and nutritionist throughout my triathlon career.  When competing in triathlon, nutrition is the key to having a good race. Jenn was spot on for everyone of my races.  For each race, Jenn put together a detailed plan for each one of my disciplines, telling me when and what to eat. I also received pre and post race nutrition plans that were crucial to preparing for my race as well as properly recovering from each race. I am pleased to say that I felt strong and still had “plenty of fuel in the tank” every time I crossed the finish line. I highly recommend Jenn Giles as a sport’s nutritionist and coach.

-Lisa, Triathlete


Coach Jenn is amazing! She started me out on my triathlon journey when I was only 10 years old and has always been so incredibly supportive of me. Being a para-athlete and having different challenges than other athletes, has made my journey a bit harder. But Coach Jenn always thought of alternative ways of training, always encouraging me to believe in myself and to never give give up!


-Brittney  17 years old, Triathlete


Jenn is an exceptional coach! She is the best of the best when it comes to personalized training, nutrition, and increasing your physical and mental endurance. I started training with Jenn, not having an athletic bone in my body. Her patience, knowledge, and support was pivotal in helping me train for and finish several distance triathlons, including a half Ironman distance (70.3 mile) triathlon. Jenn's expertise helped me to fuel and train appropriately, as well as recover from racing and training without injury. Jenn has helped me to accomplish what I thought were impossible goals. She is the absolute BEST!!!


-Lisa, Triathlete



Triathlete12 years ago Jenn started me on the road to health. She taught me how to fuel my body and move my body. I now fuel my body so that I can swim, bike run and I have the power to lift weights! I haven’t looked back. She has been there every, stroke, rotation, stride and rep with sound nutritional advice. She believed in me and changed my life.





Mrs. Giles and I had a meeting about my nutrition regarding lacrosse and my athletics. We created a diet plan that I followed very closely. Using her advice, I ended up reaching and exceeding all of my goals and noticed significant improvement in my speed, strength and agility. Mrs. Giles is super knowledgeable and nice, and it was great working with her.


-Tyler, 17 year old Lacrosse Player



As an athlete, nutrition has always been at the top of my list of what is important to becoming a better player. It was also at the top of my list of things that were most difficult about being an athlete. Training enough, getting proper rest, stretching, and etc. were all so easy for me, but my nutrition was where I fell short because I felt so lost in what was right for me personally. After working with Mrs.Giles I was able to get a better understanding of what I needed to properly fuel myself which is equally as important as the work I do on the field. I no longer struggle picking pre and post workout snacks and meals, and I feel much better equipped to take care of myself nutritionally as I head to play in college. 


-Amanda, Division 1 Soccer player @ Navy


This is the most motivational yet realistic health/fitness class! Jenn starts with the why- I am not a science person and she explained methods in a way I can understand. Jenn provides very relatable content, even if you are not actively playing a sport. She covers how nutrition affects mental health, which hits home for everyone. I highly recommended this course. Jenn leaves no questions unanswered! 


-Darby, Yoga Enthusiast , Boston MA

Jenn provided just the support my family needed when several of us set some big goals for ourselves requiring us to look to our nutrition as part of our plan to succeed. 

My oldest son, Myles, wanted to gain weight and strength as he entered his High School Lacrosse season at Brunswick School.  For Myles, the science of nutrition helped him to understand why what he ate could work for or against him.  Jenn explained how certain foods help to fuel his body and build muscle, while others can give him a quick burst but then leave him sluggish. This explanation helped Myles take a closer look at what he chose to eat to set himself up for success. 


-Speiss Family


As a pro athlete I have a very busy schedule and need to stay on top of my nutrition. This course showed me the importance of taking care of what I put in my body and the effects it has on your mental and physical health. I highly recommend this course for people at any age or athletic background! 


-Patrick, Professional  Hockey Player 

For my husband, Charles, he had his eyes on completing the grueling 100 mile ultra-run in Leadville, CO that starts at 10,000 feet elevation and climbs as high as 14,000 feet throughout the race.  Charles attempted this race before as part of the Leadman which requires the completion of 5 races – a 100 mile mountain bike, marathon, 50 mile mountain bike, 10K run, and finally the 100 mile ultra.  He completed all except the last.  He was definitely fit enough, but his nutrition, or lack thereof, is what did him in.  Charles signed up to tackle the 100 ultra once again but this time he worked with Jenn.  To start, Jenn had Charles track what he ate in a typical week to understand the things he liked.  She then met with him to explain what was working for him and what was working against him and why.  She suggested he continue with the good things and also helped him think through ways of fueling over the course of the race.  Charles fell short of completing the race again but not because of his nutrition plan.  The Leadville 100 is still on his bucket list and when he’s ready to tackle it again Jenn will be part of his plan again. 


-Speiss Family


For me, I decided to do an Ironman, and not just any Ironman but Lake Placid which is one of their harder events due to all the hills throughout the bike and run.  I also worked with Jenn who tracked what I ate for a week and saw that I liked cliff bars and peanut butter.  When it came time for my event, I was concerned about how much I would need to fuel and hydrate.  Jenn set me up with just the right plan that put my mind at ease and more importantly, worked!  I honestly don’t think I would have managed my calories and hydration correctly if I had not been working with Jenn.  Jenn also smartly discouraged me from getting caught up in all the new things promoted at the expo.  She kept it simple and easy to follow… stick with what is good for you that you already use – a race is not the time to introduce something new and unfamiliar to your body.  In addition to Jenn’s great nutrition help, she had completed Lake Placid Ironman a couple of times already and had some calming advice for me based on knowing the training I had done leading up to the race.  She really made me believe I would complete the race, which I did.  The best part of working with Jenn is when I finished Ironman and stopped at a McDonald’s on my way home, she said I deserved it and could get whatever I want… but just that one time.  

Overall, Jenn was a tremendous resource to my family and me, and a big reason why we accomplished what we set out to achieve.  While Charles still has to finish his race, he accomplished getting his nutrition in a better place.


-Speiss Family


This course was extremely beneficial. Jenn lays out the importance of nurturing both the mind and body in order to excel. She provides a complete groundwork on how to accelerate athletically based on how your fuel yourself. 



-Lindsey, Division 1 Club Runner

As a division 1 athlete I take pride in my nutrition to optimize my health and fitness. Jenn was able to explain why and when we should eat what we eat. She does this in a simple, easy to understand way which makes nutrition that much easier. I 100% recommend taking this course!!!

 -Ryan, Division 1 Lacrosse PLayer 


Can’t rave about this 6 week nutrition course enough. I have been an athlete my whole life and have always considered myself fairly healthy. I did not realize though how much actually went into creating a well rounded healthy lifestyle. This nutrition course gave me all the tips and tricks I needed to create a NEW healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to better themselves on and off the field. I have noticed a significant difference in my overall health and performance after taking this nutrition course. Jenn is there for you every step of the way. She plans out a Q&A session every week that is helpful/informative. Definitely take the time and do this course. Everyone can benefit from some healthy lifestyle changes. 

 -Emily Former Runner. Post-Grad Athlete


I worked with Jenn over the summer on her online 6 week nutrition program. As a vegetarian soccer  athlete, I always struggled for ideas on proper nutrition intake. This program  provided me with an incredible insight on valuable sports nutrition. It is very detail oriented which has helped me understand nutrition instead of just following a fix prescribed regime. Jenn always answers questions or queries happily and has immense knowledge on body fueling.


I highly recommend Jenn to those that are looking for greater performance in sports!


 -Vihann, High School Soccer Player


I began working with Jenn as a newbie runner who was struggling with injuries. My diet sucked and I didn’t know the first thing about training fundamentals. Jenn opened my eyes to basic sports nutrition, and started me down a road that changed my life. Jenn is kind and empathetic; the type of person you need as a sports and nutrition coach. I am forever grateful for her getting me out of my injury funk and into a life that revolves around health and fitness. 


 -Drew. Distance Runner




Working with Mrs. Giles was a great experience. I was able to reach my goals while gaining a better understanding about what I should be eating and when. Being at boarding school it can get hard at times trying to figure out what to eat, but Mrs. Giles helped me with finding the right choice with what was available as well as when to eat it to fuel my performance. After this course I feel that I’ve gained a much better understanding of sports nutrition and I feel great



 -Ethan, Prep Hockey Player